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Bring the Boar's Leg is an optional side-mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

We always wondered how the ordinary boar was transformed to such an aggressive creature. I guess a good step in this study would be to examine one of their body parts.
- Sakharov


  • The side missions in Lost Alpha are largely symbolic, reward the player far more frugally than in the base game, and detract from the game generally. Why would a player hunt down and recover a body part and off load it for a pittance?
  • This is the second such recovery mission given by Sakharov and completion is required for progression to the other (poorly rewarding) missions.


  • Obtaining this mission will depend upon completion of the Kill radar zombies. mission.
  • There is no time limit for completion.
  • The only other prerequisite being that the player has accepted the storyline task to Get wire for the scientist.
  • With part of the reward being a dose of X-Virus antidote which may be resold for 8000Ru, this is probably the best paid mission from Sakharov (early versions only)


  • There are plenty of Boars that spawn in the Zone but seldom in the Yantar area.
  • There is a small respawning herd just over in Construction Site, but the player had ample opportunity to loot Boar after the first visit to the Duty Checkpoint in Garbage, early in the game.
  • The body part is far from uncommon.