Borov's Documents is a quest item appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

- Inventory description


  • These are the documents that Veles wants the player to recover from the Bandit Base in the Dark Valley.


  • In earlier patches (prior to 1.3003) it was possible to "overhear" Borov sending a memo to himself about the code to the safe where these documents sit.
  • If the player is in the area of the Bandit Trader this may still happen.
  • Engaging in a conversation with Borov will also yield the combination.
  • (Interrogating his corpse will also provide the code)
  • The combination is "2-9-5".
  • Entering the code into the safe merely unlocks it.
  • Taking the code "blows your cover" and upwards of 20 Bandits and all of the Monolith down the road will now be hostile towards the player.
  • (The 'captive dutyer' will probably be a casualty in all of this)
  • Killing Borov also "blows your cover" - even if attempted by stealth (Knife) or surreptitiously by sniping a pair of Petrol cans near him.


  • Since the item is undroppable until taken by either Veles or Petrenko, the world model may not be verified.
  • As a variation of Main Mission Strategy subversion, it is quite possible to remain amicable with the Monolith whilst at their base earlier in the game, enter into X18 provided that the doorcode is known, gain everything that is of pertinent use there (especially if the PC access code is also known) and never need to revisit the Monolith Base for the remainder of the game.
  • The door code is "5271".
  • The PC admin code is "top_secret".
  • Also advisable is wearing a Bandit jacket upgraded with Night vision until safely within X18 and then something more suitable for the location.