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A Blowout is a major feature occurring in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha on a daily basis.


  • In the Base Game there was one scripted Blowout and another timed sequence at the CNPP as the player ran into the Sarcophagus.
  • The second Blowout invariably resulted in the death of the hero.
  • In S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha Blowouts, also known as Psi storms, are a feature of the weather as far as the player is concerned and need to be dealt with.
  • A Blowout typically lasts for 30 minutes, involves extreme and usually fatal psi-emissions if experienced in the open, accompanied by high levels of earth-tremor.


v1.30013 - 1.4005:
  • Within any given Level there are Blowout shelters where ALL players may take refuge from the phenomenon but the capacity of any given shelter is specified in the game files. These are marked with an animated radiation icon.
  • In some instances (notably at the Arena in Great Metal Factory) it is possible to shelter in the open next to the refuge. Or on the roof of the administrative center in Dead City.
  • Failure to shelter within a refuge is usually fatal.
  • In cases where the player is extremely distant from any shelter it may be possible (in earlier versions) for the player to run and leave the level to survive. While this may work; any subsequent return to that level will show the shelter icons still in place even if the storm is over. They remain in place until a further storm triggers whilst the player is in the level and remains until its conclusion.
  • The use of X-Virus antidote may also boost the player's resistance to the Blowout, especially if a "scientific-type" of suit is being worn.
  • There is an exploit when you load a saved game "before_blowout", blowout will not occur, without any other consequences.
  • Blowouts occur very oftenly, 1-3 times every in-game day.
  • Unlike previous versions, X-Virus antidote, while still effective, is exceedingly uncommon and difficult to obtain.
  • It may be possible to survive by boosting "telepathic" parameters to 100% through equipping suitable artifacts (Green beads, Moonlight, Slug etc) but this is far from guaranteed to result in survival if in the open.
  • Always try to reach some structure for additional 'protection'.
  • During an emission (blowout/psi storm) the player cannot leave the map.
  • For a bit of time before an emission, guides will flat out refuse to travel with the player, invoking "a bad feeling".
  • Blowouts occur less often, approximately once every in-game 2 days.


  • Before the storm begins, the game is autosaved. Saving the game is otherwise not allowed when a blowout is in progress. (v1.4005+)
  • A Psi storm counter appears top right in the player's display.
  • Finding a blowout shelter should be the principle objective at this stage.
  • There are several instances where the player is caught in the open without recourse to shelter - and survives. Much as in the scripted event in the Base Game.
  • There is also an exploit / bug in that the player may sleep through the blowout and survive. This presupposes that the player's actor actually needs sleep.