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AnthonyIrwin26 AnthonyIrwin26 7 days ago

Newb Loadout cuz why not

OK, so i've been playing LA for a while. I have replayed my beginning games (namely the storyline in cordon) a number of times, and looking back I think I really suffered from not knowing what the hell I was doing. I've got no idea whether or not anyone really comes here anymore, but this'll be just a bunch of tips and advices to take on your first game in the fuggy as buck (~Byte Me, some time in the 21st century) game we call S.T.A.L.K.E.R Lost ALpha.

THis probably sounds dumb to many people, but this'll save you from going insane, believe me. the concept of autosave here is almost non-existent, so if you mess up in smth such as shooting a friendly guy and turning him and his friends into enemies or getting killed by a Bloodsucker while s…

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Noakes Noakes 20 June 2020

Loadout - an epiphany

I was today years old when I realized something.... Man, I should REALLY change my gear. I've been using the same weapon types since, like, the first time I went to the Bar in the Metal Factory.

Ever since I started going into the Zone, I thought to myself that I should bring a weapon for long-distance sniping and something for close-quarter encounters. So, like the average peon I am, I brought with me an automatic sniper rifle and a shotgun. Models are irrelevant, the weapon type is all that matters here.

I did well for myself. Got all the way to the CNPP and drilled some Monolith skulls like the MF boss I now am.
But something happened today.

Returning from another foray into the CNPP, I went back through Pripeat to do some trading with the m…

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Byte Me Byte Me 28 January 2020

Starting the Game in Freeplay

I really like Lost Alpha...

(Everyone fell over in apoplectic fits)

But how do you have more fun with your game if you pretty much know "how it all hangs?"

You start again - and mercilessly CHEAT.. Will this fill you with honour? (Nope)

  1. Will it make you a better player (unlikely)
  2. Will you have regrets (probably)

  • 1 New Game
    • 1.1 Day ONE
    • 1.2 Wake up Again
    • 1.3 Go upstairs

  • Well we've done this "woolly jacket jive" dozens of times and that cupboard doesn't even have a damn knife in it anymore..
  • So, about 100msec after getting the heads up to Kill Strelok (i.e. off yourself in the finest traditions of psyops)...
  • We say - in unison - f**k this for a broken game of soldiers.
  • Instead, we hit the P key - like this sounds better - remember that "jumping the levels" is …

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ElessarTheOnly ElessarTheOnly 16 January 2020

Nutrition Facts

Food and drinks in Lost Alpha (v1.4007) have five attributes of interest, like the Nutrition Facts in real life:

Effect on your satiation level, as shown with the orange bar in your status.
Thirst quenching
Effect on your fluid level, as shown with the blue bar in your status
Stamina restore
Effect on your energy level, as shown with the green bar in your status
Alcoholic intoxication
Effect on your overall ability to act, as shown with this nasty swaying effect
Effect on the level of accumulated psi-emissions, as shown by the brain icon in your HUD and the also nasty cross-eyed vision.

In v1.4007 the values of these attributes are displayed in the inventory description of food and beverage items. The values are in units, meaning…

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ElessarTheOnly ElessarTheOnly 15 January 2020

PRM Weapon Pack considered harmful

Just recently finished another play-through of v1.4007, with the PRM Weapon Pack 2.65 and the all.spawn v3 from ModDB installed.

The PRM Weapon Pack I did activate because I love the USAS-12. And guess what, in the whole game I didn't see any of those. Not for loot from an NPC, not for sale from Arnie.

The all.spawn I did install because I wanted to see if it fixes the problems with Numbnutz' Find improved "TRs 301" mission.

During the play-through I noted lots of strange behaviour. The UI had some changed content, stash coordinates were given more randomly, stashes contained different items, NPCs didn't appear where they were supposed to, and so on. It struck me kind of funny, because in my last play-through with PRM Weapon Pack 2.14 I hadn'…

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Byte Me Byte Me 14 December 2019

Exploiting the game

Question. Why do you play a game?

Any game.. Have a think about this in the privacy of your own basement. Just as a heads up - I'm in my attic. Come up with your own answer. Mine are numerous but basically because:

  1. It entertains
  2. Provides a challenge
  3. Rewards clever play
  4. Has a good story / backstory
  5. It's nonlinear...
  6. Has variation

(Amongst others)

  • 1 Lost Alpha
  • 2 Exploiting this mess
    • 2.1 Day one
    • 2.2 Day two
    • 2.3 Day 2.5
    • 2.4 OK - what about some bulletproofing?
    • 2.5 Why not do both?
    • 2.6 Day 2.75
    • 2.7 Dead City - early visit
    • 2.8 Day three
    • 2.9 Day 3.5 Swamps(Lost Alpha)
    • 2.10 Next up - Agro via Yantar
    • 2.11 Fimbulweather
    • 2.12 OMG - NOW you do Agroprom?
    • 2.13 The game board is your oyster
  • 3 Review - Is it worth the effort?
  • 4 Is the 'Base Plan' helping?
    • 4.1 Day 4.5 - Do I really want Gussarev's rifle…

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Byte Me Byte Me 15 June 2019

The Good Stuff - and where to find it (a Veteran's tale)

Previous blog readers will know that this usually goes something like:

"I really liked - yada yada yada.."

Well this blog about recent experience (trans: exploits - in all senses) tries to take a stab at making the useful stuff come to the player, give the player a buzz from "zone_buzz", encourages them to have a whirl of the dice with "zone_mosquito_bald" an extra special whirl with "zone_mincer_meat", and as many as suit their fancy elsewhere.

  • 1 Some Background
  • 2 More Background
  • 3 Day ONE
  • 4 Day ONE.25
  • 5 Day ONE.5
    • 5.1 Reality check #1
    • 5.2 Reality Check #2
  • 6 Day 0.8
  • 7 Day TWO
  • 8 Later..
  • 9 Day TWO redux
  • 10 Day 2.5
    • 10.1 Reality check #3
  • 11 Day 2.51
  • 12 Day 2.75
  • 13 Day 3.0
  • 14 Day 3.5
  • 15 Day 3.625
  • 16 Day 3.8
  • 17 Day 3.9
  • 18 Day 4.0
  • 19 Day 4.151592623...
  • 20 Day 4.4
  • 21 Day 4.6
  • 22 Day 4.9
  • 23 Day 5

  1. Lost A…

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ElessarTheOnly ElessarTheOnly 20 April 2019

In case you wondered if Lost Alpha is really dead...

...just have a closer look at what they coded in v1.4007.

I just finished updating the armour articles to v1.4007 and I am still shocked about the mess I have seen.

At first glance it seems the devs have tried to add a bit of structure to the suits by setting up a naming scheme for the internal ID. The pattern ''_'''''_outfit seems to be a good basis, e.g. dolg_medium_outfit for the PS5 "Duty" Suit" or stalker_light_outfit for the "Sunrise-5" suit. But of course, not only didn't they change all the existing suits to that scheme (so the Leather jacket is still the novice_outfit and the Exoskeleton still the exo_outfit), they also introduced new suits not following the scheme (e.g. "Sunrise-4" suit / stalker_suit).

While such cleaning-up changes make at…

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Zdenek2106 Zdenek2106 30 March 2019

LA DC experience

Much more bugs than fun. I honestly do not believe that there exist any single player who passed the game till the end. With so many bugs, crashes etc. its just not possible. Even dezowave forum pages are bugged :) LA=crippled S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

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BloodsuckerKing BloodsuckerKing 7 March 2019

More cut content

Still I am waiting for the certain faction cut from the game about the name black stalkers.

Article from Polish fandom stalker-

A model called "dark_stalker" exists in files of the game. It was supposed to be he placed from people which survived the other outburst in Chernobyl. The majority from these people didn't survive because of unknown illnesses and the rest was disfigured. They became half mutants and half people, weren't attacked by mutants and for some unknown reason could not leave the Zone. They knew a lot of secrets but didn't want to reveal none of them. She was their leader "living legend Stalker actually was Black Stalker he nondead about the nickname the Red. supposedly was supposed also to be a leader Raven. They worshipped …

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Byte Me Byte Me 5 January 2019

DC v1.4007 - My favourite Lost Alpha

You've heard it before:...

... I really liked Lost Alpha...

(and the blogtitle is sarcasm)

I even thought the first iteration of the Developer's Cut was going places. We knocked a lot of bugs out of that trying to get The expedition to conclude.

Even carrying 15kg of junk for the mission was a sort of kindness - provided you quietly killed a party member at the end to conclude the mission.. OK, we here didn't knock bugs out - we found WORKAROUNDS.

But enough reminiscences.

  • 1 LADC v1.4007
  • 2 Day One
  • 3 Day TWO
  • 4 Day Five
    • 4.1 Secondary conclusion

  • I can see where they (the devs) are trying to go with this now.
  • But the same community spirit doesn't seem to have survived: the ModDB crowd gushing about the Extended pack seemed to just fade away about six months ago;…

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ElessarTheOnly ElessarTheOnly 26 December 2018

Oh no, they did it again

tl;dr: The new version 1.4007 of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Lost Alpha is not the expected best-ever release. Again, the developers concentrated on fixing things that weren't broken while sticking with the old (and some new) bugs.

  • 1 Installation
  • 2 The first few minutes
  • 3 The inventory view
  • 4 ALife
  • 5 General gameplay
  • 6 What else has changed?
  • 7 Conclusion

Installation went flawless for me, the only hickup being the hieroglyphs in the first install popup. The installer allows you to select various installation options. You should read the descriptions carefully as some options only make sense on certain hardware or with other options. Most options can be disabled, uninstalled or activated later on in the launcher. I installed just some basic options to keep the game as…

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Matsu-Taka Matsu-Taka 22 December 2018

No Life without 'Counter-Strike'!

Nearly 2-weeks into the new LA-DC 1.4007, and already did found some differences between the two of older 1.4005 I got used to, notably to performance and entirely different gameplay changes... The biggest change of this version is probably the Artifacts, they are now somehow geared to what was used in 'Call of Pripyat', much to my surprise [and apparently greatly dismayed lots of other Stalkers]. TBH, I've never used that much Artifacts, as they clearly make-fun to survivability element 'Lost Alpha' has, so IMHO it's a win-win solution for me - like, come on... abusive-use of artifacts to make you nearly 'indestructible'? Logic, man... where's the fun? Might as well drop all your items except a Knife and try to complete all missions witho…

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Matsu-Taka Matsu-Taka 20 December 2018

Lock and load, take your pick, and good luck!

So... the Lost Alpha-Developer's Cut 1.4007 is finally here [22-hours to be exact] - been told over and over by various master Stalkers out there, "Just reinstall, man - you gonna need new game start to experience the new version anyway". OK, sure no problem...

And, the bug-fest that everyone experienced in the loathsome LA-DC 1.4005 is finally gone for good [though I didn't even find one specifically, aside from multiple uncontrolled CTDs]...

Now preparing to enter the 'final' LA-DC 1.4007 - and blin, as Byte Me noticed earlier, the game now has way-too-many add-ons to use [but most are cosmetic-related only anyway]. So, to start playing the game, I use:

  • Customized 'OPTIMAL' Selection
  • added Approximate Stash Marker [usual pinpoint stash marke…

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Byte Me Byte Me 20 December 2018

LADC v1.4006/7 - Chimera or kolbasa?

The final version of Lost Alpha Developer's Cut (LADC) was released around four hours ago on ModDB. Since you are probably reading this on another day, let's nail that time down as 20122018 @ 08:00 GMT.

  • 1 Installation
  • 2 Day TWO
  • 3 Yantar
  • 4 Later
  • 5 Even Later
  • 6 Much Later
  • 7 Conclusions

  • ..Is a bit different when compared to the previous release and players should consult the first gallery pics to see why I have selected an 'easy' retro look. I'm on record a having serious issues with this game's predecessor (v1.4005); so just to appearances up I'm NOT playing "Autumn colours", nor the PRM pack, or some of the impossible stuff that pissed me and many others off.
  • You should take the time to critically select amongst these options.
  • It only takes five minutes and co…

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MindFreak1987 MindFreak1987 16 May 2018

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Announced!

The time we waited for this moment was long! Yesterday, around 23:00 CET, Head of GSC Game World Sergiy Grygorovych, announced that S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, the succesor to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. trilogy is in development again and that it is scheduled to come out in 2021.

At this time, this is the only information that is confirmed but we are sure that more about the new game is about to surface soon. We at the Lost Alpha wikia are very happy to see this finally happen!

What are your thoughts on this amazing info? Feel free to share with us in the comments bellow.

Official websites:' [1] [2]

We wish you a great day and good hunting Stalkers!


MindFreak1987 - Founder of Lost Alpha wikia

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Colonel Skull Colonel Skull 20 March 2018

My thoughts on LADC V.4005 with EP

First off I just want to thank dezowave and the rest of the dev team for creating such a huge world with so much to do.  Besides the original feel of mystery and discovery in the OG ShoC, this has probably been my best STALKER experience so far.  

There are a few things right off the bat that were very pleasant changes in LA compared to the other stalker games.  

Some things that come to mind are the different flashlights.  It was really cool to actually have batteries and not have some mystical flashlight(maybe powered by battery artifact lol) that never ran out of juice in the vanilla games.  I liked to use the low voltage flashlight in the beginning of the game when I didn't have jack shit and being able to acquire and use the military fl…

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Byte Me Byte Me 27 December 2017

DC v1.4005 - The LADC Misery Mod

I really liked LA...

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Day TWO
  • 3 Day THREE
    • 3.1 Later On.
  • 4 Day FOUR
    • 4.1 Later on...
    • 4.2 Zombie Village
  • 5 Day FIVE
  • 6 Bandit Base
    • 6.1 Preamble
  • 7 Monolith Base
  • 8 Darklab
  • 9 Retrieve information about X18
  • 10 Darkscape Heli-chase
  • 11 Day SIX
  • 12 Day SEVEN
  • 13 Blood Lair
  • 14 Day EIGHT
  • 15 Day NINE
  • 16 Day TEN
  • 17 Day ELEVEN
  • 18 Day TWELVE
  • 19 Conclusions and Observations

The most recent DC (v1.4002) was fuggy as buck, but mostly playable and still enjoyable..

OTOH v1.4005 will not be getting much more of my attention because it doesn't reward the player for 'smart play', in fact pretty much all of the pleasure has been sucked out of the game and sacrificed at the altar of

"You must play the game with this weapon (a crappy AK74 2u), without a scope. Or else."
  • Ordinarily, I wouldn't mind too much. I'…

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ElessarTheOnly ElessarTheOnly 6 December 2017

Crash "Wrong section in buy condition condlist"

Just recently I encountered a CTD (crash to desktop) while in Freeplay.

On my way to the Bandit's Village I changed from Military Warehouses to Dead City. While crossing the bridge right after the transition the game suddenly crashed and threw me back to the desktop.

In /appdata/logs/xray_.log the reason for the crash became a bit clearer:

Not sure what side effects this will have (wild guess: Milo will no longer sell to me), so I will definitely remove the fix before the next new game. But for the time being I am able to enter Dead City and hunt for Borzij.

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Skaraks Skaraks 5 September 2017

A couple of errors

Found an error in price of the Artifact_Merger.  It sells for 40,000RU not the 20,000RU previously stated. Corrected it and added an image of the Trade  to validate the change. Feel free to delete the image after reviewing the change.  It's administrative in nature and doesn't contribute to content. 

After thought, to confirm sale price:

Additionally, did a change in height size cause the display of 'Items' & 'Quest_Items' to be screwed up?  Doesn't appear to be a job in progress, or one half done.  Am betting it's a typo in the height size of the Infobox display.  Which means it could be a single entry needing to be corrected.

The pic to the left displays the three diplays, Items, Quest Items and Artifact Merger.

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Skaraks Skaraks 4 September 2017

Then there's this....

Is one of those, 'between the lines', things.

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Skaraks Skaraks 1 September 2017

Chernobyl Catfish

Monster Catfish of the Pripyat River

RL report:

  • Monster Catfish in Radioactive water: https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=e76_1353978936

Dez, you need to get on this, we need monster catfish in the zone and herds of smaller ones to drag a Stalker down to a watery death.

Here's an idea on how to incorporate artifact stashes.  

  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okie_Noodling
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Kiwiflyboy Kiwiflyboy 22 August 2017

Lost Alpha update

Ok so was wondering if there has been any more news with Dezowave posting earlier that v1.4005 will be coming out soon, i've put off strting again as i thought i would wait for this, also waiting on the arrival of my new GTX1080 from via Amazon, as buying through them is saving me $170 here in Australia. Am looking forward to an update as i want more enemies and life throughout the zone, are you out there Dez ?, any news on how you are faring with the project ?, keep well all.

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Dankhound Dankhound 16 August 2017

idk how 2 ask for help so i'l do it here

yeh so i took a quest from nimble to find a 9x18 viper in developer's cut the viper's location icon is north of the cordon near the northern military checkpoint at some bus and i got no idea how 2 get it i mean i looked in the bus top of the bus under the bus idk wot 2 do 

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MindFreak1987 MindFreak1987 6 August 2017

Official Lost Alpha Wiki community guidelines thread

First of all Hi,

This wiki was started in summer 2014 as a "let's try it project" and already a month later, it got the attention of a lot of users and started to grow like fire, we mostly stuck to the common rules everyone on the Wikia platform would do but as the community grew bigger, edit conflicts and bad behaviour took down the harmony on the page. The reason we are doing this today is to secure that everyone is informed on how the wiki should look and breathe and how are we going to shape it. The most important thing is still, we and that means also YOU are shaping this community so thanks to You!

We welcome contributions from everyone who is a fan (or critic) of the game and you are free to edit the pages of the wiki.

Our principle aim …

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Byte Me Byte Me 3 August 2017

Byte Me's 8th game (or "How to have more Fun with the Knife")

Day one.

Woke up and went through the usual motions with the objective of trying to do as much knifework with my sprite on Master difficulty (the last 6 games have been as a Veteran) as is possible, on the basis that you don't need 10,000 rounds of 9x39mm SP-6 to get through the game.

So here's the outline strategy plan:

  1. Run the Flesh to the edge of their gulag and knife 'em in the tender spots. Do something similar with the Boar pack and try not to get too mauled in the process. After all, bandages are not a penny for ten...
  2. Use the "Flesh cutscene" to see if I can scare up any Artifact Spawns...
  3. Rescue 'Numble' and score some Poltergeist's brains in the process..
  4. See a rookie Mil about an Sniper rifle SVDm-2 and stash it in the Sin House for us…
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Skaraks Skaraks 18 June 2017

Lost Alpha Directors Cut

Is it a note worthy thing?

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Byte Me Byte Me 20 March 2016

Fandom shamdumb

So there I am quietly minding my own business one quiet Sunday, tweaking the Rock page for a half decent picture, when I sort of notice that the crappy unwanted sidebar advert for the instantly forgettable "Fandom" bullshit that some wannabee at wikia thinks is 'cool', has quietly inserted itself within the page I'm working on.


It's parasitically transplanted itself into EVERY damn page!!!!! Oh whoopee!!!! Just what I always thought I needed to complete my busy busy day.

A plug for an excrescence that virally plants itself into (presumably) all wikias. Gosh. That will be popular.

Anyone wanting to start a wikia titled Fandom Suxx will have my full support.

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Fotis.salonikios1 Fotis.salonikios1 20 January 2016

Lab X-18

so, Lab X-18 in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha was resembling Lab X-8 from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat? that's how it was supposed be? it's not that i don't like it, just saying, but it still gives you the creeps.

(by the way, i just posted this to earn the "Something to say" badge)

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Skaraks Skaraks 18 November 2015

Version lament (but not a whine)

After playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. COP, SOC, Clear Skies and Lost Alpha, there is a slight degree of regret over being able to drive through the Zone versus run everywhere. And going through the Zone on foot is a major pain!

In the prior versions careful and close attention had to be paid to the load being carried.  Finding and creating stashes were essential to the wellbeing of your character.  The amount carried was a balance of weapon/ammo vs med/food.  Each enemy encounter overshadowed by the possibility of the battle not going your way due to limited supplies.  Often forced to break off enemy engagements to resupply and heal up before returning to the battlefield.  With each successive attempt tactics were revised and honed.  Often on both s…

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Crash Headroom Crash Headroom 17 October 2015

Crash's Diary: The Director's Cut - PART DEUX

Talk to barkeep, seems more....zoned now, walks around alot. Gain mission to meet a contact down in dark valley, but first...a certain annoying loner needs to be taken care of.

Talk to hunter, tells me his gun has been stolen (seems in every dimension this poor bastard has had his gun stolen) by bandits, marked one must go fetch, OFF TO WILD TERRITORY!

Pull up in jeep, silence, to silent. Phone box rings.....nobody on the other side, strange. Even stranger, vision going funny.... haven't even munched the pills that were bought from a crazy man in duty. Vision now looking like a raver on his 15th hour dance-a-thon, need asprin... and suddenly there it is. controller, stareing dead at me from across the yard, the mother F"$"^& is after my pill…

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Crash Headroom Crash Headroom 13 October 2015

Crash's Diary: The Director's Cut

I have decided to keep a log of my exploits through the DC zone. If you are finding this, it means I did not make it and my final wish is that you, the reader of this diary let Duty know they suck, laugh in Freedom's face and nod respectfully at Sin.

Loaded game, entered cordon. The new dingy, dark sky and rain was a welcome site (the same killer shrubs hanging from ceilings that need stabbing were not). Talked to Sidorovich....fat pug look-a-like still not giving me missions properly (perhaps needs to be stabbed along with killer shrubs in rookie village).

Went to kill flesh and boars....mission says no and won't let me complete (sidorovich DEFINATLY needs stabbing...). Boar pack near Trade Route Tunnel knocked me into tree, was and was not…

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Monolithwarrior1996 Monolithwarrior1996 6 August 2015

A Calm Stroll Through Forest

Well, actually, title is a big sarcasm on my part. Plenty of Forest was not calm at all.

I had made a stash with loot that overburdened me in Dark Dolina on my way out from Monolith Factory because I did not want to take the car, as it would trigger helicopter assault. But, strapped for cash after repairs/upgrades, this loot came in much handy in the end. However on one such looting trip (I was cheating by using jump_to_level), I decided Forest would be interesting to explore. Now, bear in mind, word "interesting" often takes many meanings. It can be good bad indifferent, and Forest is definitely interesting place.

Actually, anomalies and asailants aside, Forest map if one follows the road very much reminds of roads through Belarus where no …

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Byte Me Byte Me 31 December 2014

Dude, where's my car??

This was the least of it:

As if a first drive in the Countryside isn't fraught enough...

At X16 there was considerable interest in sponsoring the bath-house annex..

Just can't have sprites behaving like this - even in a post-apocalyptic hybrid game.

Get a room already guys..

Later, on the way back, Doing one of those covert night-drives with crappy lights through dodgy neighbourhoods - another bonnet ornament:

Which he very obligingly did, just in front of his pals' house. At least he had the good manners not to fall off under the wheels as that could have rolled the wheels. Embarrassing.

Different day, a different New Game; day four on Darkscape (well I've been BUSY nicking Sniper rifle SVDm-2, SVUmk2s and popping MadDog in the process.

You mig…

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MindFreak1987 MindFreak1987 31 December 2014

Happy New Year 2015

Well yea, it's that time, when we have to say goodbye, this time goodbye to 2014 and hello 2015!

We hope that in 2015 we will continue to expand this wiki and to bring it to the level of our sister wiki the S.T.A.L.K.E.R wiki.

Thanks for all the support!


MindFreak1987™ 10:47, December 31, 2014 (UTC)

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MindFreak1987 MindFreak1987 18 December 2014


Yea freaking YEA!

The day has come, we all waited for it, the GSC announced that they retook everything back under their full control and that they want to continue where they left off with developing. As they say they are working on a new game. They didn't say anything about S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 primarily, but they said that the fate of the game will soon be known.

Stick with us for more info. 

In the mean time check out the new GSC website: http://www.gsc-game.com/


- MindFreak1987

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MindFreak1987 MindFreak1987 18 November 2014

We are on the first page on Google!

it's official, we spent days and months to get to this, from now when somebody wants information about this beautiful modification he just has to do a single click and he'll be led to our wikia.

Thanks to all those who supported us in our work.

Especially thanks from me to "Byte Me" for his amazing work!


Sincerely, proud owner of the wikia - Hazbulator.


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Byte Me Byte Me 29 August 2014

If this is next Sunday, where the hell was I on Thursday?

  • 1 Every Stalker's dream is a new dream
  • 2 But wait, there's more
  • 3 Does it all work?
  • 4 Favourite levels
  • 5 Gripes

  • Thanx to Dez0wave for what they have done within and as an extension to the STALKER canon. Why? Because the published Shadow of Chernobyl game had been seriously nerfed by its release.
  • Certainly the much diminished SoC Zone had lots of action, plenty of it being lethal, but where were the Zombies that were such a tourist trap in the (axed) Dead City? How come the Lab X-18 mission completes with Barkeep taking "Lab X-18 documents part 4"?
  • What happened to the first three parts? (Oh, you mean there's five? how's THAT work out?)
Without Des0wave's re-imagining of SoC, NONE of this would be outside of an obsolete Build from a now-defunct GameDev co…

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