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The Big Deagle is a pistol that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Modified by a mechanic version of a powerful gun. This model has better accuracy, less weight and is equipped with a more capacious clip. Truly a killing machine for close-range combat.
- Inventory description


  • Unique variant of the Black Kite, available only in v1.4007.
  • Main difference is the reduced weight, the increased magazine size and the pre-installed upgrades (3A, 4A, 4C and 5A).
  • Compared with the Black Kite this weapon's own specification is 0.25 kg lighter than the base item and has a magazine size of 12 (16 in 1.4007).
  • The Big Deagle as it is available to the player, is partially upgraded and includes four installed upgrades with the following enhancements:
    • Mag size +4 (16 total)
    • Accuracy +20%
    • Reliability +25%
    • Weight -0.55 kg (for 0.9 kg unloaded)
  • In keeping with the Black Kite (but not the Big Ben) it feeds .44 ammunition.


Lost Alpha

  • Not available in Lost Alpha.

Developer's Cut



  • The control code for this item is "wpn_eagle_m1"
  • In previous versions "wpn_eagle_m1" specified the Big Ben but this has now been altered to "wpn_eagle_m2" .
  • Somewhat confusingly, the base Black Kite uses the "wpn_desert_eagle" code.