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The Battery is an artifact found in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha and all S.T.A.L.K.E.R. canon games.

The origin of this object is shrouded in scientific mystery. It's clear that it's made in part by di-electric elements, but science does not know the physical conditions in which it is formed.
- Inventory description, v1.30013 - 1.4005

Born in the 'Rusty Hair' and 'Ameba' anomalies. When and how it appeared - it's unknown. Initially, it was considered a trinket, suitable only for sale. But later it became known that when placed on the belt, it creates an electromagnetic field on top of the human skin, thereby absorbing a huge part of the impact force. Rare, expensive and useful - the perfect combination for the artifact. Emits radiation.
- Inventory description, v1.4007


v1.30013 - 1.4005:
  • In the Lost Alpha there is one type of Battery.
  • The properties are similar to the "Electro Batteries" seen in Shadow of Chernobyl, but have considerably reduced positive benefits.
  • The only specimen found in the wild resides near a Whirligig anomaly in Lake Agroprom, very much as it did in the Base Game (all versions)
  • Does not spawn from its parent anomaly.
  • Changes parent anomalie(s).
  • Acquires a fundamentally different property set quite at odds with the canon Base Game.


v1.30013 - 1.3003:
  • Not terribly useful. There is vestigial "electro protection" - but not enough to be of major use to the player - the artifact is rare, unavailable through Side Missions and does not spawn anywhere.
v1.4002 - 1.4005:
  • Much more interesting, but only for the "endurance" benefits. The other protection benefits are of little use because of its rarity.
  • May be acquired by completing Find the documents (Dark Valley Underground) task.
  • Still doesn't spawn from its parent anomaly.
  • Retains the added availability conferred from v1.4002 to 1.4005.
  • Has a more useful (but intrinsically non-canonical) property set.
  • DOES spawn from its parent anomalies.


  • Five of these on the player's belt will allow travel through gravitational and shockwave anomalies (v1.4007)