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Barkeep is a major NPC character appearing in two locations in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Neither a saint, nor a scoundrel. The Barkeep knows his worth and is respected by all stalkers. Rumor has it he is hiding in the zone from some dark events in his past. After an encounter with the anomaly, he started limping slightly and decided to change jobs. He set up a bar by the Duty faction, and the place gradually turned into a meeting point for all the Zone's veterans. The Barkeep has numerous connections both in the Zone and in the outside world.
- PDA contact biography
Still alive? great!!'
- Barkeep to the Marked One


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  • As a member of the Trader faction his biography details are not immediately available to the player but may be found in 'stable_bio_name.xml'.
  • May sometimes have the Noiseless Kora unique pistol for sale.

Side Missions given in The Lost Alpha


  • If the player joins Duty there is a mission that involves escorted travel to the Outskirts before access to the area is normally permitted. Although the personnel have not yet relocated to Outskirts, those that will are already populating the New 100 Rads Bar. Access to the Bar is not permitted but the player may contact these NPCs clones by PDA.