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Artifact Placements have been a feature of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games from their early builds and releases.

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  • Upon the Lost Alpha gameboard these are locations where any player may acquire free instances of these various Artifacts with little effort.
  • They are hard-coded into the board, available to ALL players regardless of game difficulty, and usually available across ALL versions of the game (unless otherwise stated)
  • They are NOT random spawns.

Location by Level

Listed in assumed general order that the player usually visits according to orthodox gameplay.



  • Two Shells are inside a tin on a crossmember of the bridge directly underneath the Bandit sniper (all versions)
  • A Slime is placed in a dead zone of a Witches' Jelly near the fence south of the Vehicle Graveyard.


  • There is a Battery in the north of Lake Agroprom (this placement was also present in the released Base Game)
  • A wall stash inside Strelok's Hideout contains a Rock (removed from v1.4007)
  • The 'fake entrance' in the same location has a Jewel in it.

Great Metal Factory

  • There are two tins on the platform roof near the first snork group in Wild Territory. One contains a Wrenched, the other a Crystal.
  • A Fireball is inside one end of some difficult to reach pipes near the Yantar gate.
  • A Slug may be picked up from the inspection pit of the first garage in Wild Territory.
  • An Urchin could be located in a rebait between the Arena guard and the Whirligig in versions 1.30013 to 1.4002 and possibly later. This was definitively removed for v1.4007.
  • In a fenced deadlock north of the entrance to the Arena and the crashed helicopter, there is a destructible tin that contains the Droplets artifact.


Dark Valley

  • There are blocking artifacts of a Meat Chunk and a Night Star at the two Anomaly Fields locations. From v1.4007 the fields no longer function but the artifact blocks may remain.
  • There is a Droplets and a Goldfish in tin plates under a small ramp in bandit base. The ramp is located on the top of the main building, where the roofs of the main building and corridor towards the hangar meet.
  • A Slug under a wooden ramp in the "elevated tunnel" in Bandit Base
  • A Knot in north-western corner of highest roof of NW building of Monolith Base
  • A Kolobok (Doughboy) against the cliff between the lower two transitions to Garbage. The area has considerable gravitational anomalous activity.


Rostok Factory

  • There is a Stone Blood inside a tin in the 'Flooded House'.


Lab X14


Lab X18


Dead City

  • A Droplets has been reported as loot in a porch roof tin at the Grey House near where the Burer patrols.


  • A Soul may be found inside a tin under a pipeline near the exit to Yantar


Military Warehouses



Lab X7



  • A Snowflake lies in an unreachable pipe at the southern Water Dam. It may be dislodged / ejected with a well placed grenade.

Lost Factory

Lab X16


Lab X10




Chernobyl NPP


  • The blocking artifacts may be recovered from the Anomaly Fields (the fields are disabled from v1.4007)
  • In v1.4007 the Field nearest the Lab entrance contains a Gold beads artifact.

Lab X2


Generators 2