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The Armsel Protecta m1 is a unique shotgun that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

A smoothbore combat revolver-type shotgun intended to provide extreme firepower for militarized units. The weapon benefits from a large magazine and a high effective rate of fire, but its bulkiness and considerable weight, combined with a long reload time, are the price to be paid for these advantages. Rare in the Zone and is used primarily to clear closed spaces of mutants.
- Inventory description


  • Unique variant of the Eliminator, but confusingly named identically (Eliminator up to v1.4005, Armsel Protecta in v1.4007).
  • Main difference is the higher price, the full automatic fire mode, the preinstalled upgrades 1A, 1E, 1F (v1.4005+), the increased magazine size (v1.4007) and the slightly reduced dispersion (v1.4007).
  • Coded from v1.4000 onwards, but available only in v1.4007.


Lost Alpha

  • Weapon does not exist in Lost Alpha

Developer's Cut


  • A normally unavailable variant of the Eliminator that is usually only available by cheating (-v1.4005).
  • Available without cheating in v1.4007:
    • Can be bought from Arnie later in the game, with 80% probability.
    • Is prefitted with upgrades 1A, 1D and 1F worth in excess of 6000 Ru that allow automatic fire mode.
    • Has a storage capacity of sixteen shells and accepts all variants of 12 gauge ammunition on a FIFO basis.
    • May have an unnecessarily long reload sequence in v1.4007 if PRM Modpack is installed rendering use of the weapon inconvenient. Weapon parameters are also degraded when compared to earlier versions.
    • Has slightly improved fire dispersion characteristics when compared to the base item.
    • The PRM Weapon Pack removes the possibility to attach scopes.
    • If the PRM pack is not installed, the weapon is confusingly labelled "Armsel Protecta" thereby having the same name as the base unit.


  • The game files connect it to Nimble through the level editor name and section weapons\wpn_protecta_nimble, but he is equipped with an Akm 74/2U.
  • This variant cannot be found on the board (-v1.4005).