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Various forms of Armour are found in all S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.


  • The player’s base state in armour against the many depredations of the Zone consists of a woolly jumper and jeans, which have a similar protective enhancement as their 'birthday suit' (i.e. none)
  • Visitors to the Zone quickly become aware of the need for protection from the many hazards that they might encounter during their explorations.
  • Gradually, these visitors need to find and wear more suitable armour as these hazards increase in severity and change in nature.
  • Note that in all sub-pages the cost of any given item refers to the base cost of that item as given in the relevant .ltx gamefile (these are usually located in the «config» directory of the decompressed «gameroot»)
  • Note that this base cost is indicative only and may vary considerably with the price that the player may be able to trade the article for with another NPC.

List of Armours


  • There are rumoured to be other suit variations available should the player have sufficient resources and be able to make contact with the vendors.
  • Unique items (indented in the above list) may not be repaired or upgraded prior to v1.4000.


  • The opportunities for "self-repair" that were so popular in the Base Game are practically non-existent in the Lost Alpha and may be discounted.