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Antennas is a major location being created for the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha Developer's Cut standalone Mod.

- encyclopedia description


  • The level had a placeholder in the gamefiles for v1.4005 but this was of zero size.
  • In v1.4007 the file is no longer null, and occupies upwards of 62Mb of the player's hard drive.
  • Only accessible by using the console "jump_to_level" with "la24_antennas" appended.
  • May possibly be accessed using other techniques mentioned in the Cheating Stalker's Guide For Jumping The Levels.
  • Since the level is not actually "plugged into" the actual game, trying to access this level via "-developer mode" and then level jumping by using the Teleports mentioned in the LA: Tools Kit will probably fail as the level has no contiguity with other game levels.


  • Very empty with many opportunities to fall through the map.
  • Has no mini-map.
  • Potentially located in the north of the NPP general area.
  • Possibly intended to be an interpretation of the "Duga Complex".


  • Since v1.4007 is the last version of Developer's Cut, there is little likelihood that this situation will change.