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  • The Anomaly is in many respects the defining feature of how the whole Zone differs from the external Big Land.
  • An Anomaly may exist singly in isolation but can often be observed in clusters of Anomalies of considerable variety.
  • All anomalies should be treated with respect by Stalkers of any factional persuasion as they are almost universally inimical to the individual's well-being.
  • There are a variety of different properties that Anomalies generate or manifest within the Zone and these properties are helpful in separating them into their various categories.



  • The player begins the game with a basic Simple anomaly detector which will 'beep' in the vicinity of an anomaly.
  • The player may also note atmospheric or visual disturbances in areas where they occur.
  • The passage of local fauna through the effective area of an anomaly may also assist in determining their location.

List of anomalies by principal effectEdit

Global anomaliesEdit

Heat based anomaliesEdit

  • Burner (also referred to as "Stirfry" and "Scorcher")
  • Comet

Gravitational anomaliesEdit

Electrical anomaliesEdit

Chemical anomaliesEdit

Organic anomaliesEdit

Anomalies with uncertain provenanceEdit