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Ameba is a type of anomaly occasionally appearing in the standalone Mod S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.


  • Not widely spread.
  • Tends to be found in poorly lit areas under shallow water, or well camouflaged in woodland settings.
  • Has a 1 sec delay before closing like a clam.
  • Has a 5 sec delay before re-opening if erroneously triggered.
  • Has a 10 sec recovery period.
  • Doesn't re-open if the player is inside it, but player may simply walk out of its clutch.
  • Although the attack inflicts severe bleeding upon the unwary, this is due to the chemical nature of the attack according to the game files and not the result of pressure.


  • Because of the lethargic attack time of this adversary, the player has plenty of time to walk through its field of effect without mishap.
  • Its attack crushes and destroys vehicles (tested on UAZ)
  • If the player is so unfortunate as to trigger one of these, apart from the intense, life threatening bleeding that is received, the stats of the suit being worn are reduced to zero (100% degradation)
  • If Fuel barrels are pushed into its trigger radius they will be corroded by the anomaly's actions and explode without player intervention (after the timed delay has expired)
  • Liquid Fuel canisters may be pushed quite close to the trigger area without actually triggering it (smaller mass)
  • Although such pyrotechnics give the illusion of damaging the anomaly, it remains quite capable of further attacks.