The A set of nuts is a quest item featured in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.

A small set of nuts 2mm. Useful for repairing small gadgets.
- Inventory description


  • In v1.4005 this is one part of the item set that Alex requests the player to obtain for him during the Help the forgotten stalker trader (instead of the Small toolkit in v1.30013 to 1.4002).
  • The player may decline to assist the trader, in which event the mission will not be re-offered and reaching the Merc trader (Milo) will be problematic or even impossible without conflict.


  • The item is always on the board, it does not spawn on start of the mission.
  • This toolkit can be found at the Pumping Station next to the little lake near Alex the Trader, if you go outside and turn right.
  • The Transistors that form the other element of the mission are located in the Bandit village, in a generic basement inside the Map Construction Site in the middle of the Map.
  • Player's easiest option is to just run in and grab the item.
  • There are Swampbeasts in the adjacent radioactive swamp (in Forgotten) and some may be attracted by the player's arrival.


  • The item shares world model and inventory icon with the Repair kit.