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A fool's valuables is a stash featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Another fool went down to find the hidden laboratory, taking with him valuables.
- PDA description


  • Located in the bloodsuckers' den under the broken concrete.
  • Some underground routes lead through high Radiation situated in the tunnels, but a non-harmful route is possible.


  • There may be a small Zombie presence behind a closed door.
  • There is a Bloodsucker nest with eight members in the immediate area.
  • These may be dealt with from the safety of the adjoining storeroom (where the PDA wires are found) once the door is opened if the player stays in this room. The bloodsuckers are 'gulaged' into not progressing further than the (now open) door. Handguns are sufficient.
  • The bloodsuckers are unlikely to leave the player unmolested during a visit and using the "pheromones" that the Groza Guy offers is not likely to provide sufficient delaying time for retrieval.