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ANV-01 "North Star" is an item featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

An advanced modification of a military night vision device, performed by the scientists stationed in the Lake Yantar bunker. By adding a sliver from the 'Flash' artefact, the goggles gaines an unrivaled picture quality, along with an eerily bright, white picture. The nickname it was given was supposed to be poetic, describing how these goggles are supposed to guide their wearers just like the North Star, but rumors are that the one that came up with it was a fan of 'girly chinese cartoons'.
- Inventory description


  • The ANV-01 "North Star" is a modified advanced night vision device. It can be used with every armour that has no built-in night vision capability.
  • As any night vision device it must be put into the appropriate slot in the inventory view.
  • To turn it on just press the key N.


  • The ANV-01 "North Star" cannot be upgraded.


  • The night vision capabilities of this device are really good, the image is greyish and has a good contrast.
  • In the Developer's Cut the SSP-100M, SKAT-9M and SKAT-10M have the same night vision capability built-in.
  • Despite the much better performance compared to a PNV-01 "Vampir" or 1PN42 "Blue Moon" it has the same weight and price.