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The AK of the doomed one is an assault rifle that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

A very old and rusty AK, which, perhaps, will survive its latest shootout.
- Inventory description


  • This is a variant of the Akm 74/2, basically introduced from v1.4000 onwards as a Quest item in an attempt to limit the player's rifle armament capability.
  • It replaces the perfectly good Akm 74/2 that was the objective of the first part of the Kill the sniper mission up to v1.3003.
  • The weapon fires about 200 rounds before becoming unusable.
  • The misfire probability is around 30 times that of the base item, although this is of academic interest only, since NO weapons 'jam' in v1.4002.
  • The "condition_shot_dec" value (the rate at which it just degrades through use) is around 50 times that of the base item.
  • Ammunition


  • The weapon cannot be upgraded.



  • The upgrade icon is identical to that of the Akm 74/2, though a scope can not be attached.