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The .44 SPL Revolver is a pistol that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Full sized power in a small design. This wheelgun delivers superior accuracy and stopping power without the heft or bulk of most .44 Magnum revolvers.
- Inventory description


  • Based on the .44 Raging Bull, the .44 SPL Revolver has reduced accuracy and firepower, compensated by a really low weight.
  • It is also known as Stubby Magnum.


Lost Alpha

  • Cannot be upgraded in Lost Alpha.

Developer's Cut

List of upgrades
ID Icon Upgrade Description
Cost Effect Requirements
1A Ui inGame2 upgrade Black hawk 5.png Longer barrel By replacing the standard barrel with a longer one, growing flat trajectory bullets.
1300 RU

Bullet velocity +15%

Tools for rough work (v1.4005+)

1C Ui inGame2 upgrade Black hawk 6.png Chromed insides Chromium helps improve durability of the barrel of the weapon.
2200 RU

Reliability +30%

1E Ui inGame2 upgrade Black hawk 4.png Integrated barrel recoil compensator Additional compensation holes made in the barrel can markedly reduce recoil.
3050 RU

Recoil -20%

1F Ui inGame2 upgrade Black hawk 8.png Pneumatic mechanism A pneumatic mechanism can alter the barrel's mechanism, increasing muzzle velocity.
3000 RU

Bullet velocity +30%

2A Ui inGame2 upgrade Black hawk 13.png Double action trigger The trigger is automatically cocking the weapon, increasing accuracy.
1300 RU

Accuracy +25%

Tools for rough work (v1.4005+)

2C Ui inGame2 upgrade Black hawk 10.png Grip with a straightened rear A more ergonomically shaped grip with a modified rear.
2000 RU

Handling +25%

2D Ui inGame2 upgrade Black hawk 11.png Padded grip A padded grip makes the recoil less tangible.
2250 RU

Recoil -15%

2E Ui inGame2 upgrade Black hawk 12.png Removable grip back plate A special grip shape, optimized with a mobile back plate.
3100 RU

Recoil -20%


  • Available for free in Yantar.
  • One can be found of the Sin group holding Fox hostage in Cordon.
  • Located in a crate in a truck in the hangar with the rat problem.
  • Comes with five boxes of ammunition, four regular, one incendiary for a total potential of fifteen reloads.
  • Does not accept either the Revolver telescopic sight nor the universal Silencer.
  • Not repairable, in version 1.4005 weapon is fully upgradeable and repairable.
  • Weapon is not changed by the v1.4007 PRM Weapons Pack.


  • One of the very few weapons that was neither rebalanced in v1.4005/v1.4007 nor changed by the v1.4007 PRM Weapons Pack.