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The 'PDA for Dima' is a quest item featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Duty Personal Digital Assistant.
- Inventory description



  • The world models for these three items is the typical generic PDA which is a 'fullbright' object and pretty difficult to miss, especially at night.
  • The units are located near to their deceased former owners; two on the building site and the third inside the gas-filled headquarters.
  • The PDAs will each have a Bloodsucker on the same floor. Depending upon approach, each bloodsucker may, or may not be cognizant of the player's presence in its patch.
  • Each bloodsucker is spawned in turn as each PDA is picked up.


  • Several of the dead Dutyers will have pretty decent weaponry for this stage of the game, so it might benefit the player to travel light enough to return with any IL 86 or Tunder S14 armament.
  • Even Obokan/AC96/2 rifles may be offloaded to the grateful Duty company, who may be friendly towards the player after the mission.
  • None of the 'PDAs for Dima' provide any sort of useful information as far as advancing the Storyline goes. There are a few audio commentaries and one reference to a lootdrop by the last one.
  • The safe code for the latter is "4-3-7", but it is best to come back for this later on when the headquarters has been reclaimed and populated.