The "Berill-1" armored suit is an armour featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Regular suit worn by the soldiers of the Zone. It protects from armor-piercing bullets rather good, however, there's no sign of any anomaly protection. All the downsides aside, it's a pleasure to wear such a suit as it's perfectly sewn. The suit is a bad choice for deep raids but can be useful during a skirmish.
- PDA description


  • Light suit with equally light protection stats.
  • Introduced in v1.4007.


Lost Alpha

  • Not available in Loat Alpha

Developer's Cut

List of upgrades
ID Icon Upgrade Description
Cost Effect Requirements
1A IconArmourUpgrade Specops outfit 1 Compensating underarmor Special underarmor distributes bullet impact over the entire armor, reducing damage.
1000 RU
  • Impact +10%
  • Rupture +10%

1C IconArmourUpgrade Specops outfit 2 Lightweight aluminum frame Steel frame is replaced with one made from lightweight aluminum.
2000 RU

Outfit weight -3.2 kg

1D IconArmourUpgrade Specops outfit 4 Additional frame reinforcement Even if the armor is severely damaged, the reinforced frame will stop pistol bullets.
2000 RU

Suit durability +40%

1E IconArmourUpgrade Specops outfit 3 Reinforced titanium-beryllium matrix A beryllium matrix reinforced with titanium (instead of aluminum) is one of the most reliable protective systems worldwide.
3000 RU
  • Strengthening of vest 2nd class
  • Explosion +30%
1F IconArmourUpgrade Specops outfit 5 Ceramic coating Ceramic coating can deflect a standard bullet, if it hits at an angle, or even completely stop it in case of a direct hit.
3000 RU
  • Impact +40%
  • Rupture +40%
2A IconArmourUpgrade Svoboda heavy outfit 5 "Expanse" protective suit Sealed protective suit created by Freedom, which is designed for artifact search and collection in areas of abnormal activity.
1100 RU
  • Rad. protection +18%
  • Chemical burn +18%
  • Electric shock +18%

2C IconArmourUpgrade Specops outfit 7 Rubber padded overalls An ergonomic rubber padding increases mobility in bulky armor.
1800 RU

Power restore +2

2D IconArmourUpgrade Specops outfit 9 Constantan insulating inserts Constantan does not conduct electricity and melts only at very high temperatures.
1800 RU
  • Burn +30%
  • Electric shock +30%
2E IconArmourUpgrade Specops outfit 8 SBC-RHZ Mk II jumpsuit SBC-RHZ Mk II is a sealed combat jumpsuit, protecting from radiation and chemical agents.
2800 RU
  • Rad. protection +40%
  • Chemical burn +40%
3A IconArmourUpgrade Specops outfit 3 Kevlar plates Kevlar is perhaps the most common material used in bullet-proof vests.
800 RU
  • Strengthening of vest 1st class
  • Explosion +10%

3C IconArmourUpgrade Specops outfit 11 Load bearing mounting system This mounting system allows you to evenly distribute the load over the entire body.
1500 RU

Additional weight +10 kg

3E IconArmourUpgrade Specops outfit 10 "Field Medic" integrated system This system is designed to prevent tetanus, inflammation and provide disinfectants.
2000 RU

Bleeding reduction +1



  • Shares world model with Soldier suit.
  • Though the internal ID suggests the "Berill-1" armored suit is the successor of the SKAT-9 in v1.4007, the name, description and statistics clearly indicate the SKAT-9 has changed internal ID to military_heavy_outfit and name to Armored suit "SKAT-9".
  • Just looking at the statistics and keeping in mind that the Berill series of outfit is usually worn by Military the "Berill-1" armored suit may be the successor of the Soldier suit in v1.4007.


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